about the owner

hello hello!! my name is william or ghoul, though i also hoard names. you can also see my pronouns there, my main are he/they/star :3 also im 18 years old

i am a super super cool 2007 scemo kid. i love music and old internet culture and art. and music, did i mention music? you can learn more about my fave bands later but please know i never stop talking about them LOL i've been told i'm passionate, thoughtful, and witty! i practically live in the 2000s, mainly focussed in 07 but floating anywhere between 2000 and 2012. i'm not the best at making friends, but i love doing it so please feel free to talk to me any time!!! regardless of what social media you found this website from, i post about whatever makes me happy. so feel free to follow me anywhere if you wanna see that ^__^ i just ask that you be respectful and cool, but if you aren't, i'll prob block or softblock you pretty fast LOL

this website is currently under construction btw, always being updated! and it'll prob look best on desktop

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interests and faves

my biggest interest is scene/emo culture, fashion, music, just basically everything about it. i loveeee music, but that's gonna be a separate section bc of how much i love it LOL.

my other biggest interest is art and art history! my fave era is mannerism and my fave artist is joan snyder. im gonna be an art teacher ^__^

my favorite shows are the oc (current biggest fave), yugioh, the umbrella academy, nbc hannibal, and cardcaptor sakura. i love the movies almost famous, silence of the lambs, yugioh dark side of dimensions, and fight club. i also loveeeee marble hornets :3

my celeb faves are gabe saporta (my ultimate fave), william beckett, tom conrad, nick scimeca, sierra scott, geoff rickly, shaun white, alex greenwald, and sierra kusterbeck.

some characters i love are seto kaiba (yugioh, my fave since childhood), penny lane (almost famous), alex kralie (marble hornets), summer roberts (the oc), and seth cohen (the oc).

bands and musicians

my all time biggest interest is music!! specifically fueled by ramen bands and associated "emo"/"scene" music

the academy is... and cobra starship are my ultimate favorite bands, ask me almost anything about them and i can probably answer LOL

other faves are fall out boy, my chemical romance, gym class heroes, midtown, death cab for cutie, phantom planet, thursday, empires, taking back sunday, the used, armor for sleep, panic! at the disco, this providence, jack's mannequin, versaemerge, the hush sound, 3OH!3, powerspace, and girl friday ^___^